Descry to Feature John Alspach and Terrence Payne

Descry, Rosalux Gallery’s exhibit featuring the latest work from John Alspach and Terrence Payne, will run from September 4-30 with free admission. Alspach, also the owner of the Shiny Robot Art Studio and Gallery, focuses on removing otherwise mundane pieces of urban decay from their environment and reassembling them, often including fragments of old metal signs and billboards.

Why he would be paired with Payne, whose paintings are mainly critical portraits with witty, sarcastic slogans, is not apparent at first glance. However, Alspach and Payne are dedicated to documenting the character of their surroundings, and these thought-provoking pieces allow viewers to see through the lense both artists share.

Their work asserts that imperfection is not a disqualifier for beauty, and the honesty of their vision is simultaneously brutal and redemptive.

Located in the historic Minneapolis Riverfront’s Open Book building, Rosalux is an artist collective gallery featuring the unique artwork of its 24 artist members. Because the gallery is managed and funded by the collective, all profits go directly to the artist and the prices of artwork are surprisingly reasonable.

Rosalux Gallery
1011 Washington Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55415
(612) 747-3942