Field Music: Tones of Town

February 20, 2007
Field Music - Tones of Town Situated under the wide brim of the indie-pop umbrella are three lads from Sunderland who call themselves Field Music. Their second full-length, Tones of Town (Memphis Industries), is inventive and hard to describe.

The opening song, “Give It Lose It Take It,” is a confounding first impression with handclaps and deep bass funk, a synth melody, and group-shared vocals. The next track, “Sit Tight,” closes out with a bit of beat boxing. Track four boasts choppy, layered vocals in the style of fellow Northerners the Futureheads.

By the song “Kingston,” Field Music sounds as melancholy and melodic as the Shins, while sporting string arrangements almost too lovely for a pop song. From there it all gets better. Allowing instruments to “solo” within the context of pop structure, Field Music reveals natural talent and a clever, catchy way of employing it.

– Kristin Grayewski
Field Music (Memphis Industries)

By February 20, 2007


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