Video: Mr. Gnome’s “House of Circles” trailer

This year, Cleveland rock duo Mr. Gnome (singer/guitarist Nicole Barille and drummer Sam Meister) has a number of goodies in store for its fans. On March 20, a brand new digital seven-inch will be released on El Marko Records, titled Softly Mad (preview “The Way” on MTV Hive now).

Coming soon, though, is an entirely different beast. The band just released a trailer, below, for its upcoming video for “House of Circles,” a “comic-book-style adventure into the surreal that is a live-action interpretation of a sci-fi graphic novel written by Mr. Gnome, and featuring fantasy characters from the Madness In Minature cover art.” We’re getting a definite Dark Crystal and/or NeverEnding Story vibe. Dig it!

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