Han Solo…in carbonite…on a guitar

Ben Moody, front-man of We Are the Fallen and formerly of Evanescence (we know; you don’t have to say it), is a bit of a Star Wars fan. So when friends were shopping around for a proper gift and came across the work of customizer Travis Stevens and his Millennium Falcon guitar, they knew they had to commission a custom piece.

That custom guitar is Han Solo frozen in carbonite. It features a semi-hollow hand-carved body with a maple top, back, and neck and mahogany sides. All of the controls are on the side, done by Bare Knuckle pickups to match the colors, and of course, it features the flashing light support as well. Stevens’s day job is teaching guitar to kids, but he regularly posts more work, so check it out and see if there’s anything you can’t live without.

Travis Stevens's custom Han Solo guitar

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