MP3 Premiere: Everybody hates indie-rock outfit Weatherbox in “Big News”

Weatherbox/Sainthood RepsWeatherbox: Sainthood Reps / Weatherbox split 7″ (Top Shelf, 5/7/13)

“Big News”

Weatherbox: “Big News”

California’s Weatherbox has been through the ringer. Member turnover was at one point so dangerously high that you would be forgiven for thinking the band was done. However, since 2011’s Follow the Rattle of the Afghan Guitar, the band has kept a steady lineup, producing indie rock with a touch of rawness about it.

On its split with Sainthood Reps, the band drops “Big News,” with vocalist Brian Warren saying, “This song is about staying in your room for two months, thinking that everybody in the world hates you, and then coming out and realizing you were right.” The track takes an epistolary form, a request to some unseen person, and walks that fine line between indie rock and emotional post-hardcore. Check it out, then go see the band on tour with The Front Bottoms.