MP3 Premiere: Gray Young’s ethereal, kinetic “Canopy Reflected”

Gray Young: BonfireGray Young: Bonfire (2/19/13)

“Canopy Reflected”

Gray Young: Canopy Reflected

Raleigh, NC three-piece Gray Young has been making expressive rock music since 2009 and has, for new album Bonfire, found an energy that seems to come from the titular pile of combustibles.

“Canopy Reflected” is a study in this energy, as ghostly chords build slowly toward a crescendo; ethereal riffs come in over heady bass and punching snares. The vocals are light, lasting only briefly, and they aren’t the focus. They’re a beautiful, momentary distraction, a pause in a race that pushes towards the finish with the potential energy of Sisyphus’s boulder.