MP3 Premiere: Opera, heavy-metal drums, and dubstep bass drops in Chaostar’s “Truth Will Prevail”

Chaostar: AnomimaChaostar: Anomima (Season of Mist, 5/28/13)

“Truth Will Prevail”

Chaostar: Truth will Prevail

Opera and experimentation come together in Chaostar, a project whose impetus was Septicflesh guitarist Christos Antoniou’s desire to use a more “classical approach.” With his background in composition, the group released four orchestral albums before a hiatus in 2008. Returning, it started work on an operatic concept album built around the myth of Medea. Though it has since evolved, Anomima has kept that scope intact.

On “Truth Will Prevail”, new vocalist Androniki Skoula shines, holding forth over dramatic Latin chants and sweeping stings. Her voice recalls the best work of Andrew Lloyd Webber, showcasing that Anomima is cinematic in no uncertain terms. However, after a Middle East-flavored string-section build-up, double-bass metal beats announce weighty bass drops, and things circle into a whirlwind of dubstep and sawing violins.