Resurrecting a MHz Legacy: RJD2 and Tage Future chase inspiration in “Out of Room”

MHz Legacy: s/tMHz Legacy: MHz Legacy (Man Bites Dog, 10/30/12)

MHz was a Columbus, Ohio, hip-hop collective made up of RJD2, Jakki da Motamouth, the late Camu Tao, Tage Future (née Proto), and Copywrite. After the release of Table Scraps in 2001, another record was long rumored but never seemed to come. The 2008 death of Tao seemed to put an end to the idea.

However, last year the group reunited and rebranded as MHz Legacy to release an eponymous debut album to much acclaim. Featuring all the other original members, and guest spots from Slug, Danny Brown, Ill Bill, and more, it proved that the group had more to say.

The new video for “Out of Room” features Tage Future going solo over a skirling beat, a swirling string cut, and crazy scratching from RJD2. With fast cuts representative of Tage’s quick, razor flow, it’s a testament to the fact that this group remains full of talent. Check them out as an antidote to last Sunday’s major-label-packed Grammys.

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