Teenage psych-rock balladry: Hear “Pray for Me, Fragile” by Dreamers Dose

Dreamers Dose: At Least We're HappyDreamers Dose: At Least We’re Happy

“Pray for Me, Fragile”

Dreamers Dose: Pray for Me, Fragile

What were you doing just out of high school? Most were working, preparing for college, and throwing “I’m an adult” ragers. It’s unlikely that you were searching for representation for your up-and-coming psych-rock band. But that’s exactly what Dreamers Dose is doing, and if “Pray for Me, Fragile” is any indication, there won’t be any difficulty in finding it.

The song is deceptively hard-hitting, with fuzz and drums building behind anxious vocals and a delicate melody. The dam holds and then bursts in an unexpected denouement.

Keep an eye open for Dreamers Dose’s new record, At Least We’re Happy — produced by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures) — coming this summer.


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