Video Premiere: Marco Benevento’s harpsichord-driven “This Is How It Goes”

Marco Benevento: TigerFaceMarco Benevento: TigerFace (The Royal Potato Family, 9/11/12)

Though still within his melodic, keyboard-driven wheelhouse, the first two tracks on Marco Benevento’s TigerFace might have thrown fans for a loop last year. Featuring warm, poppy vocals from Rubblebucket’s Kalmia Traver, “Limbs of a Pine” and “This Is How It Goes” added a new wrinkle to Benevento’s catalog, showing what he can do with a strong front-woman.

The brand-new video for “This Is How It Goes,” directed by Keith Adams and filmed in Benevento’s studio in Saugerties, New York, finds the band jamming amid an arsenal of gear, a handful of chickens, and Benevento’s two daughters. Sit back and enjoy the harpsichord.