Want an easier concert experience? Download the WillCall app

It’s Friday. You’ve hit the 2 o’clock doldrums and you’re trying to figure out what to do tonight while pretending to get work done, a delicate act of avoiding incriminating websites and disguising the fact that you’re entering credit-card information. This is where WillCall’s new ticketing app comes in.

The app acts as a single stop for concerts and shows. Connected with Facebook, it allows you to see who’s attending a show and grab a ticket, letting your friend know you’re coming along. Need dinner, drinks, or a ride home? No problem — package deals are available with merch, booze, and other bonuses, letting you avoid lines, tabs, and other hassles.

WillCall also gives you a direct connection to the bands with one of its more innovative features. You can directly tip an artist through the app, giving up-and-coming acts that extra boost and letting your favorite artists know just how much you love them.

Though only live in New York and San Francisco, WillCall is coming soon to Los Angeles, with more cities to follow. Check out a video below and then go snag the app for iPhone and Android.