Our Purpose: To Support & Inspire Creators Worldwide

Since 1995, ALARM Magazine has acted as an advocate for music, art, and design. Our passion is in discovering and sharing exceptional, boundary-defying musicians and artists and promoting new and innovative music.

ALARM Magazine has featured beloved bands and future favorites alike, ranging from Mike PattonQueens of the Stone Age, Air, The Mars Volta, El-P, Russian Circles, Atmosphere, Jon Spencer, Saul Williams, and the Melvins.

A Brief History

Chris Force began ALARM as a photocopied zine from his parents’ basement. The magazine found a small following in Boston and was supported by single-copy sales and advertisements from independent record labels like Dischord and Epitaph. By issue #5 the magazine moved to a proper printer and an international distribution deal.

In 2002 the magazine moved to Chicago. ALARM underwent its first thorough redesign by Mark Pearsall who created the foundational design direction. The magazine was later redesigned by art director Lindsey Turner and again advanced by Spencer Matern. The magazine has worked with many of the best music writers in the industry including music editors Andrew WilliamsJamie Ludwig and Scott Morrow and arts editor Buck Austin.

Books & Magazines

ALARM has published several books on music and art including Chromatic: The Crossroads of Music and Color,  Art is Life / Life is Art,  and Rules Were Made to be Broken. 


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