Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my band’s/client’s record reviewed in ALARM Magazine?
Send a copy of the recording in an envelope labeled “ATTN: MUSIC EDITOR” to our address on the contact page, or send an E-submission to We accept all types of submissions, including seven-inches and self-released records. After you send us the package, your work is done.

You may also use if you’re into that kind of thing.


Do you accept [insert genre here] records for review?
Yes. Though we are a rock-oriented publication, we listen to and write about many different types of music, some more frequently than others. However, we recommend that you first look through a copy of the magazine to get a feel for what we cover.

I am a publicist. How do I follow up on records I sent?
The best way is to send our music editor an E-mail mentioning the artist(s) and record title(s) that you sent. Please be patient as you wait for a response.

Do you have any tips for getting our records reviewed?
We sure do! Good music will get discovered, but of course you want to speed along the process, right? So here’s what we have to say to help you along the way:

– Submit your CD more than three months before it goes on sale. It takes magazines a long time to write about a record and then edit, publish, and distribute the magazine, so editors are always looking for great records well before they are scheduled to go on sale.

– Put the release date and publicity contact right on the CD and/or on its packaging. One-sheets often get separated from the CD itself.

– Speaking of packaging, send your CD in a jewel case. It makes it easier for your release to be stored, found, and then heard.

E-mail the music editor to follow up on your record, but offer some information or reason for the editor to reply with something other than, “Yes, we got the record; no, we haven’t listened to it yet.”

– Promote the record to the editor by sending tour dates, tickets to shows, and other information.

– Most of all, tour like hell, be professional, and be honest.

I am not getting my subscription copy or I’m moving. How can I get you my new information?
E-mail us the info and we’ll get it all straightened out. Don’t you worry! Our info is on the contact page.

How often does ALARM come out?
The new ALARM Magazine will be published bimonthly (one issue every two months).

How can I carry ALARM in my store?
Contact and someone will talk with you directly about the specifics involved in carrying ALARM.

My local store doesn’t carry ALARM. What the hell?
Just tell us where it is and we’ll convince those bastards. Our E-mail is on the contact page.

I would like to communicate with one your writers. How do I do that?
Just send us an E-mail and we’ll forward it on. It’s that easy.