A free and diverse press is important for a healthy, informed, and engaged society. This is not limited to independent coverage of breaking news and political events but extends to all aspects of journalism, in particular the creation and maintenance of independent music and arts coverage.

In this age of media deregulation and conglomeration (see the Columbia Journalism Review’s “Who Owns What” for the facts), independently owned magazines are ever more important in maintaining a vibrant and stimulating culture and a free society. They’re also increasingly threatened.

With airwaves awash in pop princesses, focus-grouped songs, vapid DJs, and computer-selected tunes, independent music is reliant upon college radio stations, friendly venues, small record stores, and magazines like ALARM to connect with listeners. Independent music and arts journalism gives emerging artists the coverage they need to provide the public with innovative, exciting, and challenging work that is the lifeblood of a healthy society.

ALARM is an independently owned magazine that brings readers analysis, viewpoints, and information on musicians and artists that cannot be found anywhere else. Our continued success depends on our readers — you.

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