Ceramic Dog: Your Turn

Ceramic Dog: Your Turn

(Northern Spy, 4/30/13)

"Lies My Body Told Me"

Guitarist Marc Ribot is a man so prolific that it’s impossible to assign him a genre. Whether rock, jazz, world, or experimental, his music always bears the mark of a master.

Ceramic Dog, his outfit with Shahzad Ismaily and Ches Smith of Secret Chiefs 3, plays a brand of guitar-driven experimental rock that would seem disjointed in lesser hands. Your Turn, the group’s second album, puts the band’s diversity on display — from the bluesy cursing of physiology in “Lies My Body Told Me” to the winding, polyrhythmic title track to wailing psych solos to “free rock” freakouts and a rock rendition of Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.”

Elsewhere, Ribot’s raspy vocals lead the quirky ditty “Ain’t Gonna Let Them Turn Us ‘Round,” the old-school jazz feel of “The Kid is Back!”, and the horn- and electronics-infused “We Are the Professionals.” As always, Ribot’s virtuosity is on display throughout — but there are plenty of pleasant diversions and surprises along the way.