Enabler: Shift of Redemption EP

Enabler: Shift of Redemption EP

(Think Fast!, 4/9/13)

"Live Low"

Last year, Milwaukee hardcore quartet Enabler released its Southern Lord debut, All Hail the Void, a hyper-aggressive mix of metal, hardcore, punk, and grind. The Shift of Redemption EP finds the band with two new parts — current and ex-members of Mouth of the Architect and Harlots to join guitarist/vocalist Jeff Lohrber and bassist Amanda Daniels — and it’s a fiery, commingled mass of metalcore.

D-beat hardcore punk, chugging guitars, speed riffs, and even double-bass blasts tear through four songs in 12 minutes. At that length, it’s the perfect short-player — balanced by the likes of high-speed, fuck-you rager “Live Low” and sludgy, down- and mid-tempo closer “Fallselflessly.”

When put together, the songs are a solid intro to Enabler — not a new name, but one to know.