Eno & Hyde: High Life

Eno & Hyde: High Life

(Warp, 7/1/14)


And now, here’s something new from a guy who composed a six-second track for Windows 95. Reducing Brian Eno’s career to that somewhat minor footnote might not seem fair, but it’s actually a solid complement in this case—a testament to Eno’s passion for ambient music and intense attention to detail.

High Life, his latest collaboration with Underworld’s Karl Hyde and their second album in two months, is a frenetic medley of repetitive minimalism, Afrobeat, and Hyde’s angular guitar. Though the collaboration’s sound varies greatly from track to track, each has its fair share of Hyde’s feverish jamming and Eno’s lush soundscapes.

The standout is “DBF,” if anything, because it sounds like a self-driving car had a hard-drive crash and led police on a chase through 1970s San Francisco.