Entombed AD: Back to the Front

Entombed AD: Back to the Front

(Century Media, 8/5/14)

"Pandemic Rage"

Entombed returns (kind of) with Back to the Front, the group’s first full-length since 2007 and 10th overall. Due to some lineup shuffles, the name is now “Entombed AD,” but the members all have been with Entombed for a few years.

Songs sit in a mid-paced pocket with a slightly more melodic feel than the group’s earliest death-metal recordings or its more famous “death and roll” output. This isn’t melodic death metal but rather more of a rhythmic rock/thrash record with LG Petrov’s bellow, death-metal riffs, and some clever string interludes.

Ultimately, Back to the Front is strongest when it uses quick power chords and palm muting to create structure through rhythmic emphasis in backbeat grooves and thrash riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on Sodom’s Agent Orange.