Every Time I Die: From Parts Unknown

Every Time I Die: From Parts Unknown

(Epitaph, 7/1/14)

"Decayin' With the Boys"

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Producer Kurt Ballou had one goal for Every Time I Die’s seventh record: to strip back all the superfluous accoutrements of previous albums and get down to the raw meat of the band. No sweating every little detail, no losing sleep over countless takes to get the ideal tone—just five musicians doing what they do best, imperfections and all.

But try as he might, Ballou pretty much managed to capture a flawless picture of ETID. To be sure, From Parts Unknown is raw, but its clear studio magic isn’t what makes the band’s brand of red-lined hardcore so appealing. From Parts Unknown hits all the hallmarks of a great ETID record: quippy lyrics, blazing rhythms, and its signature bent, bluesy guitar sound delivering punishing hardcore riffs.

But there are a few new tricks this time around, namely the tune “Moor,” a haunting, minimal piano ballad. Of course, it eventually goes bananas, turning into a scream-fest version of the single-note piano riff—but really, what did you expect?