Fucked Up: Year of the Dragon

Fucked Up: Year of the Dragon EP

(Tankcrimes, 4/15/14)

The sixth EP in Fucked Up’s “Zodiac Series” marking the Chinese new year, Year of the Dragon is a sneak preview into the Toronto hardcore juggernaut’s forthcoming full-length, Glass Boys.

The title track — in all of its 18-minute grandeur — begins with tiny tremolos and whispers but departs like a violent, fire-breathing hell-beast worthy of its name. Drums, bass, and Damien Abraham’s distinctive snarls all kick in around the 1:30 mark, and from there on out, Fucked Up executes a blend of long-form hardcore punk peppered with psychedelia and melodic guitar crunchiness that builds up and crumbles down into something that is equal parts fun and serious.

By the end, Abraham’s screams — juxtaposed with a rising wall of noise — of “We live with broken morals! / We rest on fractured laurels! / We don’t believe in anything!” pretty much invite listeners to roll around in our own world of shit before the otherworldly monster scorches us into oblivion. It’s bleak and cathartic — punk rock.

[Year of the Dragon also features Fucked Up’s takes on Cardboard Brains’ “I Wanna Be a Yank” and The Ugly’s “Disorder.”]