Mikael Jørgensen & Greg O'Keeffe

Mikael Jørgensen & Greg O’Keeffe: Mikael Jørgensen & Greg O’Keeffe

(Butterscotch, 10/15/13)


It says a lot that one of the most emotionally affecting moments on this album sounds like it’s being sung by a sinister extraterrestrial elf. Underneath the analog synths that dominate these arrangements, Mikael Jørgensen’s songwriting chops shine through with more clarity and power than in his better-known work as Wilco’s keyboardist. Jørgensen and longtime collaborator Greg O’Keeffe team up here for the third time, having previously released two albums under the band name Pronto.

The pair initially intended to release this material (as an album titled Bunny Hate Wolf) in a more standard guitar-driven format, but Jørgensen decided to gut most of the instruments and supplant them with keyboards. O’Keeffe’s drums serve as organic pillars in a quirky, retro-futurist presentation that, even with all its focus on sounds, never eclipses the songs at its core.