Nachtmystium: The World We Left Behind

Nachtmystium: The World We Left Behind

(Century Media, 8/5/14)

"Tear You Down"

It’s been a long, winding road for Nachtmystium: the acclaimed psychedelic black-metal band has released seven full-length albums since 2002 and, in more recent years, seen the heroin addiction and recovery of founder and vocalist Blake Judd. The World We Left Behind is the final album in the band’s saga, and from its powerful, churning riffs to intensely personal lyrics about Judd’s addiction, it’s a worthy note to end on.

The band’s past work has incorporated plenty of ambient, electronic, and industrial elements, and though this LP has some of those moments, it finds strength in a more grounded nature. “Tear You Down” wails with a simple yet seductive melody, as Judd whispers, “Go on, eat the machine / it will nurse your soul / Take your pill / I am now in total control.”

The World We Left Behind may be the band’s most intimate, musically tight album to date, shaking its listeners closer to the bone rather than floating overhead.