Phuture Doom: s/t

Phuture Doom: Phuture Doom

(OWSLA, 11/5/13)

"La Grande Messe Noir"

Detroit electronic outfit Phuture Doom makes dance-minded dubstep with a black-metal twist. Judging from the audiobook that accompanies this full-length debut, the group (which keeps its identity secret) considers society’s attachment to technology a grave concern. But Phuture Doom spikes these concerns with a sharp sense of satire.

The dystopian occult-meets-transhumanist imagery packs its most clever punch when the music lingers on vaguely creepy church-like atmospheres. Though the band insists that these sections are meant to sound “ritualistic,” they come across more like what a prank from inside the Vatican might sound like. Then the beats come in to whip your ass into dance mode.

On paper, Phuture Doom’s concept reeks of gimmick, but a little imagination goes a long way with music and ideas that complement (and counter-balance) each other for a most refreshing listen.