Rabbit Rabbit: Rabbit Rabbit Radio Volume 2: Swallow Me Whole

Rabbit Rabbit: Swallow Me Whole

(Rabbit Rabbit Radio, 7/8/14)

"Drowning Alice"

Each formerly of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and The Book of Knots, wife-and-husband team Carla Kihlstedt (violin, vocals) and Matthias Bossi (percussion, vocals) unveiled a new music-delivery platform in 2012: Rabbit Rabbit Radio, an online subscription that provided a new song from the duo each month.

Now the adventuresome pop two-piece is bucking another convention, releasing its 2013 collection of sonic gems as a limited-edition silk-screened art print with a download code. Alternating lead duties, Kihlstedt’s vocals soar, loop, and whisper while Bossi’s remain reflective, gentle, and Waits-ian. The music is as beautiful and catchy as ever, despite few conventional song structures.