Septicflesh: Titan

Septicflesh: Titan

(Prosthetic, 6/24/14)


After an original incarnation among Greece’s 1990s wave of black metal, Septicflesh moved closer to rock structures and took a pseudo-Gothic turn before disbanding. When the group reemerged in 2007—following guitarist Christos Antoniou’s compositional studies in London—it did so in grand fashion, reinventing itself with the backing of a full orchestra.

With Titan, the band’s third album since reformation, the Greek quartet delivers another epic, Gothic dose of symphonic metal. Strings, horns, harpsichord, and percussion complement death-metal brutality, now with the addition of a children’s choir on top of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

More than mere metal with strings behind it, the songs on Titan are equal parts melody and savagery, harmony and hellishness, sparsity and density. The album succeeds through balance and dynamics, giving Septicflesh a hell of a post-reunion trilogy.