Son Lux: Alternate Worlds

Son Lux: Alternate Worlds

(Joyful Noise, 5/27/14)

"Easy (Switch Screens)"

Not often does a pop star begin covering a post-rock/alt-hop composer on tour. But Lorde did just that in 2014, and it led to a collaboration with electronic post-rock composer Son Lux (the cover-ee), who put the new version on this EP of re-imagined originals.

As is the case with his between-LPs re-workings, the material here is darkly magnetic, surpassing expectations in genre and sound with each of its four otherworldly tracks. Alternate Worlds is a balancing act between larger-than-life melodies and fuzzy electrics. No skittering violin or piano key is out of place—every fluttery flute line and static-drenched guitar is matched with something more solid, like a steady chorus or slow, slinking beat. And just when the sound teeters into too-experimental territory, booming vocals shine through the chaos and help to rein it all in.

The result is an expansive yet accessible sound experience—music that circles the cosmos while keeping one foot on solid ground.