Spoon: They Want My Soul

Spoon: They Want My Soul

(Loma Vista, 8/5/14)

"Rent I Pay"

With seven prior albums in its discography, Austin rock outfit Spoon had nothing left to prove; it had mastered its quirky rock attitude and confessional balladry torn from lead singer Britt Daniel’s heart. The band’s latest, They Want My Soul, proves otherwise, unleashing an exciting new form of a veteran act, one packed with enthusiasm and vivid production.

Though Transference, Spoon’s 2010 album, made way for groovier, more subtle songwriting, They Want My Soul re-energizes the performance to resemble past successes like Kill the Moonlight and GaGaGaGaGa. The guitar work is dominant and sharp, the band is consistently tight, and new soundscapes break into new territory, like the synth-dominated “New York Kiss” and noisy “Knock Knock Knock.”

Lyrically, the most confident and transcendent form of Daniel appears. He refuses to be taken down by the soul-suckers of the world and continuously packs a punch to maintain the band’s iconic identity.