Fund This: Short film inspired by The Shining, Dexter, Repulsion, scored by Christina Vantzou

There are films and directors whose influence cannot be overstated. Stanley Kubrick and The Shining, subjects of a recent documentary, are two of these. Roman Polanski, criminal or not, is another. These, among others, are some of the works that influenced artists Christina Vantzou and Kristina Ianatchkova regarding their upcoming short film Going Backwards to Recover That Which Was Left Behind.

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Kickstarter Alert: Help Arrington de Dionyso go to Indonesia

First, This Week’s Best Albums—now, Indonesia! Experimental throat-singer Arrington de Dionyso is planning a trip to the southeastern Asian country in the fall, but he needs your help to get there. Invited by the Yes No Wave Music record label, Dionyso will be in residency, teaching workshops and working with local musicians. A book is in the works, as are visuals from filmmaker Vincent Moon. He only needs about $750 to reach his goal of $2000, so donate now on Kickstarter.

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Q&A: Spindrift

Spindrift: Classic Soundtracks Vol. 1 (Xemu, 5/10/11)

Spindrift: “Theme From Confusion Range”

[audio:|titles=Spindrift: “Theme from Confusion Range”]

Mixing influences from Italian-western composers like Ennio Morricone with elements of psychedelic rock, Spindrift has pioneered its own brand of western music. Its style is manifested through a diversity of sounds, including guitar, organ, pedal steel, flute, autoharp, sitar, tabla, and bass, but its musical résumé is more than merely instruments.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Spindrift recently recorded an album of unreleased movie themes and new material.  That album, Classic Soundtracks Vol. 1, captures the band’s eclectic nature and cinematic tendencies. Here, founder Kirpatrick Thomas elaborates on the forthcoming album, the impact of the desert environment on the band’s music, and the similarities between western scores and psychedelic rock.

What inspired you to use Kickstarter for Classic Soundtracks‘ fundraising as opposed to other, more traditional means of establishing a budget?

For us, Kickstarter was a great way to raise a recording budget and get friends, fans, and family directly involved in the making of our next album. We realized that we needed $5,000 and had a seven-week US tour ahead of us, so, along with touring and promotion, we created awareness about our upcoming project. At every show, we performed the new songs, then, after seven weeks, we had our goal and jumped into the studio to record. We had the time of our lives recording this record, and we wanted it to translate.

Classic Soundtracks was recorded in Hicksville Trailer Palace, and Spindrift was the first band to record a full-length album there. Can you explain why you chose this particular setting for recording?

Many of the songs that we’ve written for Classic Soundtracks were birthed in the desert. Thus we wanted to lay them to rest (as in the final recorded track) in the desert as well. We actually would write and rehearse for a bit in the Gram Parsons death room at the Joshua Tree Inn. Keeping true to faith, Hicksville is a stupendous facility for being relaxed, isolated, productive, and creative. It’s a beautiful place, and recording in Joshua Tree was a dream come true. Highly recommended!

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Help fund Wayne Belger’s new Kickstarter project, Bloodworks: Africa

Tuscon, Arizona-based artist Wayne Belger, whose striking work with custom pinhole cameras warranted a story in ALARM (read the article here), just launched a Kickstarter project to help fund his Bloodworks: Africa project. Using the Untouchable camera, Belger is attempting to compile a worldwide photographic study of people living with HIV.

Of the camera itself, which uses the subject’s blood as a filter, Belger says, “[It] was inspired by one of my best friends that has the HIV virus and my quest for understanding it. I named the camera Untouchable because of the similarities of the untouchables in India and how some with the virus in the US are treated. My friend is the one who donated the blood and is in the first series of photos from the camera. A photo of him is also in the camera itself.”

Currently, Belger has residency set up in Sierra Leona, Uganda, Ethiopia, Calcutta, and five locations in Cambodia to do portraits of people living with HIV. He hopes to create a new view of the global HIV community through a coffee table book and exhibitions all over the world. However, his photo opportunity in Sierra Leona expires on May 20, so he’s turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary to complete the project in time.

Head over to his project page, watch the video, and donate / spread the word.

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Save 38% on Chromatic with limited-time pre-order

Fellow ALARMists,

Only three weeks remain to secure a substantially discounted pre-order of Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music, our upcoming book that profiles contemporary musicians who unite color and music.

The regular edition is available for $25, which includes free domestic shipping and is 38% off the $40 retail price.

Our limited-run hardcover edition (signed and numbered) is available for $50, which also includes free domestic shipping and is discounted from a $60 retail price.

And if you missed our last book, Invisible: Overlooked Albums and Unseen Artists, then you should strongly consider the $100 tier, which includes the signed and numbered hardcover edition, free domestic shipping, a copy of Invisible, and your name listed in Chromatic as a special supporter.

This offer ends at 2:40 PM EST on Friday, April 8, so if you haven’t already, head to the linked Kickstarter page above to check out all of the options.

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