Red Planet: We Know How It Goes

Red Planet - We Know How It GoesI don’t like to have to give bad reviews out, but I should be honest, right? This isn’t the worst record ever, but its pretty bad.

Some sample lyrics: “you said that you wanted to fight, well baby come on. Reflections of me in the mirror, remind me of you, and the games you play with my mind, what else could I do? There is no force keeping you here.” Repeat the last line about twenty times and call it a chorus and a bridge, put it all over simple pop-punk music and prepare to sell a million records.

When I was first listening to this at work the other day, I was kinda getting into it, then by the third song, I was actually paying attention to the songs, and felt bad for these guys. At one point they almost start to pull off a sixties girl group thing, but the ruin it with inane lyrics about what happens when a goth girl gets all grown up and responsible. That, by the way, is the second of three consecutive songs about goth type girls.

Okay, we get it. If these guys would just stick to writing pop-punk song, without trying to be overly clever, I think that they could be decent, they are just not as clever as they want to be.

– William Barry
Red Planet (Gearhead Records)