The Paybacks: Harder and Harder

The Paybacks - Harder and HarderHarder and Harder is The Paybacks second album. Rocking out of Detroit, The Paybacks write and play like they have to show us what rocking means. Straight up.

Even on the cover of the album, singer-guitarist Wendy Case looks like she will kick your ass for even mentioning that she is a girl. This is straight ahead “I am a bad girl, so watch out, you are now warned” fucking ROCK. Case sings like she has been guzzling whiskey and smoking lucky strikes since birth, she is that gravelly.

As far as the music goes, it is your basic drums (Mike Latulippe), guitar(Danny Methric), and bass (John Szymanski) rounding out the bluesy garage rock. If you are into the whole Detroit thing, you probably know this band, but if you don’t, check them out, especially if you like bands like the Dirtbombs, or the northwest’s Monomen.

– William Barry
The Paybacks (Get Hip)