Blacklisted: We’re Unstoppable

Blacklisted - We're UnstoppableFirst of all, I don’t listen to hardcore much. I’ll go see my friends’ bands and when one of them puts something out, I will give it a few listens. Oh yeah, I really love Uniform Choice’s first album (my hardcore/straightedge coworkers find this amusing). As far as hardcore goes, We’re Unstoppable is pretty accessible, so that means it probably sucks.

Seventeen minutes of crushing guitars, mosh parts, thrash parts, breakdowns, and some dude screaming his head off — this has “sweaty show in a tiny community center” written all over it.

It sounds like Helmet for about one second. I love the packaging as well. Just the name, Blacklisted, is kind of a laugh, but the artwork is all skulls and spades. Motorhead would be proud. (And I am gonna say that these guys aren’t straightedge, because of the image of a bottle of Jack Daniels in the artwork.)

The lyrics are pretty standard pissed off hardcore, you know the lines, “I hate everyone because they probably hate me because I am an individual, and the patriarchal society wants us all to be robots, but I am a person in black shorts and a studded belt.” This is fun stuff.

– Bill Barry
Blacklisted (Deathwish Inc.)