Bucket Full of Teeth: IV

Bucket Full of Teeth - IVDo you like your sludgy grindcore with intermittent synth interludes? Do you enjoy spastic noise followed by epic guitar wailing, complemented by noodling guitar riffs and a touch of electronic bloops? I thought you did.

And so I present to you, Bucket Full of Teeth (and other periodontic misadventures). And while IV doesn’t bring everything together quite as well as headgear does, I can at least say that it makes for an interesting 16 minutes.

Think of a noisier, screamier, and grindier Since By Man. These guys have the right idea, which is to make something more striking than your run-of-the-mill hardcore music. The objective is stronger than the execution, however, as some moments seem contrived or awkward. If the fact that the member breakdown on the liner notes is listed in past tense is any indication, this release appears to be the end of the band (unless they’ve duped me and will be instating a new lineup).

I would have liked to hear where they would have gone on future efforts. Oh, did I mention that there are a few ex-Orchid dudes in the band?

– Scott Morrow
(Level Plane)