Comeback Kid: Wake the Dead

Comeback Kid - Wake the DeadWhen I get the rare urge to listen to some hardcore anthems, I’m attuned to hearing non-melodic guitars pounding against vocals that sound as if steroid use was prominent amongst straightedge culture. Luckily for me, Comeback Kid is straying from the formula and I don’t have to take preventative headache medication anymore before listening.

Scott Wade’s vocals stay true to the “pound your fist in the air and chant these words with me” technique used by most hardcore singers, but I adore that they are juxtaposed against sorrowful yet beautiful octave harmonies. The result is reminiscent of AFI’s The Art of Drowning, but with more aggression and anthemic qualities added to the recipe.

Their efforts produce a CD that goes against the grain of hardcore’s history while still respecting its tribulations. Comeback Kid follow in the tracks of bands like Dag Nasty by using melodic instrumentation while staying hard, but taking hardcore to a realm where it is more accessible to the ears of those who need harmony to keep them listening. How better to expand your audience and convey your message?

The songs bleed melancholy anger without sacrificing any meaning or musical integrity, as most acts today do with their trite compositions. If this is the path that hardcore is paving, I’ll be following along without my breadcrumbs.

– Genevieve Wolff
Comeback Kid (Victory Records)