Horace Pinker: Texas One Ten

Horace Pinker - Texas One Ten Before I listened to this CD, I read the liner notes and found that Texas One Ten was inspired by and dedicated to the mother of Bryan Jones (drums, vocals), who had passed away just before the recording process. I already felt like a cloud would be raining depression over every track, but as I listened, I realized that the album was not a train wreck, but a celebration of life and everything that comes with it.

“Penny Serenade” was one of my favorites lyrically and instrumentally, although every song on the CD breathes its own life into the album.

Horace Pinker manage to keep a rawness to their recording that gives it the feel of a live performance. It works well with their lyrics, which are thoughtful, inspiring, and well written – if the CD were really polished in post-production, the words might sound insincere.

The tempo of Texas One Ten is pretty upbeat, but the guitars and lyrics give it a sad quality that, when mixed together, will make you want to tap your Converse to the beat while wiping a tear from your cheek. The songs range from gritty rock to the acoustic tearjerking title track.

Horace Pinker create music that is true to itself. There aren’t any facades or annoying guitar hooks. The music speaks for itself and stands on its own. With the help of four talented musicians, that is.

– Genevieve Wolff
Horace Pinker (Thick Records)