Howard Hello: S/T EP

Howard Hello - S/T EPHoward Hello is the latest project from Kenseth Thibideau, a former member of Tarentel, and Marty Anderson (Lazarus, Dilute). Following Tarentel’s success, Thibadeau left the band and now plays keys and bass for Pinback.

This all makes perfect sense when you hear the self-titled EP. This little EP is like walking up to the monotonous music buffet. Each of the four songs consists of riffs repeated over and over and vocal lines that repeat one phrase or pattern throughout the entire piece.This may sound like a criticism EP, but these are actually the things that I love about this record.

With four songs that are catchy and repetitious without being over indulgent or boring, this is one sweet little EP.

– Chris Smith
(Temporary Residence)