Parlour: Hives Fives EP

Parlour - Hives Fives EPIf this weren’t an EP it would be dubbed the “Official House Cleaning CD of 2005,” but as it were it takes me more than the 25 minutes that make up this CDEP to clean my house. With seven members behind Parlour , you’d expect the music to have a lot going on, and you would be right.

Imagine if you will a supped-up Tristeza on vitamins (I am trying not to advocate the use of drugs here folks) and you kind of get the idea. While most indie instrumental stuff goes for the dark and foreboding tone, Parlour’s music is upbeat and filled with positive energy.

It’s a little too offbeat to make you want to get up and dance per se, but like I said, my apartment would be spotless if I set this puppy on repeat. The continuity of the EP is seamless, with one piece flowing into the next with an ease that is hard to come by. Hives fives all around, dudes.

– Chris Smith
Parlour (Temporary Residence)