Bleubird: RIP USA

Bleubird - RIP USA With RIP USA (Endemik), Bleubird’s deep and socially introspective lyrics beg you to listen to them because they are actually saying something. At times, though, there is so much dissing, it would be nice to hear the emcee say something progressive. There are many attempts at being unconventional and abstract, but it’s the moments of straightforwardness where the lyrics come off naturally.

Bleubird sounds like something you would hear on Def Jux, with edgy and noisy beats, sometimes so chaotic as to distract the listener from the emergence of the lyrical content. In other instances, the music is too dull so it starts to take away from the messages of the songs.

It is commendable that Bleubird stays relevant to current happenings in society and that they have chosen music to express their feelings and cause. However, the production often lacks a certain element, leaving the listener wanting something to nod to or something more consistent to balance out Bleubird’s sound and movement.

Even though they state, “I don’t make music you can dance or fuck to,” improving the music could make it a little better to rebel to.