High Priest: Born Identity

High Priest - Born IdentityMany times in the musical sphere, when different elements from different genres are combined, the result is labeled “experimental.” High Priest is doing something different, and doesn’t try to fit in any specific musical category.

Their music combines hip-hop, drum-n-bass, and elements of electronica. There are variations of tempos throughout, giving the album a great feel of balance and diversity. Either way, High Priest is proficient at what they do.

The theme across many of the tracks is social and street conscious, aimed at an audience with musical and lyrical patience. However, with monotone flows and vocals that contain echoes and reverb, it is often hard to pay attention to the lyrics. Since there is a high precedence on what is being said, it would be beneficial if the vocals were more easily distinguishable.

High Priest obviously makes music the way they like it, and that should be applauded in the current copycat industry. But, it is questionable if their style is next level or if it will get lost in a flooded music market. Only time will tell, but High Priest is confident with what they do, and should be given a listen.