Red Bull Seeking Submissions for Art of the Can

Feeling inspired – or just have energy to expend – from that Red Bull you just drank?  If that’s the case, hop off the couch and get cracking on some artwork!

The drink manufacturer known for giving its customers wings currently is conducting its third annual search in the United States for The Art of the Can, an art exhibition that will be held this year at F.U.E.L. Collection in Philadelphia and the River East Art Center in Chicago.

Red Bull’s contest is open to contestants of any age and occupation, and there are no restrictions on one’s creative medium. Entries, which in the past have included jewelry, a song set to animation, an aluminum swimsuit, and replicas of Buddha, a cartoon panda, shoes, and a guitar, will be judged on creative concept, conceptual execution, and construction. The grand-prize winner in each city will win a trip to Art Basel, a world-renowned modern and contemporary art fair in Basel, Switzerland.

The deadline for entrant registration, however, is June 13 in Philadelphia and June 25 in Chicago, so no daddling! The exhibitions themselves will run from October 19 to November 2 at F.U.E.L. Collection and November 9-18 at the River East Art Center.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Red Bull Big Tune, an event that pits DJs into aural combat and hits Houston on June 20 and Chicago on July 19.