Reggie and The Full Effect: House of Blues Chicago, 9/3/08

Reggie and the Full Effect rolled into town at Chicago’s House of Blues for part of what is being called his “Final Tour.” Whether this is fact or merely a ploy to get the kids to come out to the shows is definitely on the minds of dedicated Reggie fans. If the latter proves to be true, Chicago fans get a F-, as ticket sales were quite poor.

James Dewees (a.k.a. Reggie) performed the entirety of the show in house slippers, opting to leave his alter-egos’ (Fluxuation and Common Denominator) costumes behind. Nonetheless, the crowd was entertained by his usual wisecracks and off-the-wall humor.

Dewees’ parents made it to the show from St. Louis, and as I caught several glances of them, I had to wonder what this nice elderly couple that looked like they attended church regularly really thought of their son and his antics.

Towards the end of the set, I began to feel saddened by the thought that this really could be Reggie’s “Final Tour,” although Dewees did announce a Get Up Kids reunion tour in the spring…and that would be totally awesome.

-Tanya Van Kampen

Photos by Kevin J. Bradley

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