Brazilian Girls Bring International Flavor to House of Blues

The Brazilian Girls took to the stage at the House of Blues on Friday October 3rd, fusing the sounds of Kingston, New York, Stockholm, Paris, and Berlin for the swaying heads and respectful lap drumming of a Chicago audience. “What the fuck is she saying?” a young man clad in a Cubs t-shirt and newsboy cap asked. The brunette standing to his side said nothing but instead continued, eyes closed, to gyrate in place to the internationally guided rhythms.

Front woman Sabina Sciubba exuded tranquility and elegance despite the contrasting absurdity of her white spandex body suit, translucent cape, and bright red satin heart (tactfully suspended in front of her lady parts). Even as she repeatedly whispered the words “sexy asshole” into the microphone, her sultry voice recalled all the fantasies one might have about European sex symbols like Sophia Loren or France Gall. The aspirated vowels in her speech sounded more like gasps and moans than short ugly letters. Sciubba sauntered around the stage, indiscriminately seducing the pit of fans before her shouting, “Berlin, Chicago, what’s the difference?”

The band played a hearty selection of songs from their newest album New York City (Verve Records). Thumping drums and thick keyboard effects carried, “Ricardo” and “International.” The cutesy pop overtones of “Good Times” got the ridged audience to sway with slightly more urgency. But once the Brazilian Girls turned to their back catalog, a calypso rhythmic tune named “Pussy,” the floor cleared and gave way to movement that could finally be classified as dance.

At the request of Kevin, a zealous audience member, Sabina withdrew a kazoo and provided the intro for “Corner Store.” Meanwhile video of women dancing under disco balls, bouncing African children adorned in colorful garments, ghostly Japanese geisha, and footage of New York City looped behind the trio.

– Justin Mitchell

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