Dub Trio Plays Intimate and Engaging Set

Stu Brooks' Power Stance. Photo by Katelyn Bogucki
Stu Brooks' power stance. Photo credit: Katelyn Bogucki

At the November 21st Dub Trio show, the crowd was thin, possibly because the band had already played Chicago several times this year. Although the initial hype may have settled, those in attendance seemed to be actively anticipating the band’s third Subterranean appearance in 2008.

I did not arrive in time to see local groups Rollo Tornasi and Lorus, but I did see all of Goes Cube’s set and was very impressed with the drummer, Kenny Appell, whose arresting fills and double bass certainly make him the heart of the band.

Goes Cube’s set was comprised of drum-driven heavy grooves, accented with rapid guitar riffs. David Obuchowski’s vocals were a little distracting, as the instrumentation was so solid that words seemed unnecessary.

After Goes Cube, the lights dimmed and the reverberated samples started. People rushed the stage and those upstairs lined the railing to watch as Dub Trio’s bassist Stu Brooks, guitarist DP Holmes, and drummer Joe Tomino took the stage. By the middle of their first song, the crowd was entranced as Dub Trio reminded them of how good instrumental music can be.

Watching this band is more of an experience than a performance. The way they transcend genre, blending rock, psychedelic and electronic samples together, and manipulate their instruments on stage is an incredible aural experience.

The responses from the audience were as varied as the songs themselves. The heavy riffs activated a mosh pit while other parts had people nodding their heads with the drums. One guy in the front laid his head on the speaker and closed his eyes, soothed by the bands fluid instrumentals.

Whenever a song ended, it was disorienting, like being suddenly awoken in the middle of a good dream. But once the applause subsided and they played their sample, the dream continued.

Dub Trio produced quite a musical encounter; their solid musicianship and the audience’s engagement in the show is uncommon at concerts. This is why the modest turnout is confusing; something like this does not get old after repeated viewings.

– Katelyn Bogucki

Dub Trio: www.dubtrio.com
Goes Cube: myspace.com/goescube

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