Quintron: Too Thirsty 4 Love

Released on Memphis-based Goner Records, Too Thirsty 4 Love is the latest from New Orleans mad scientist, underground icon, and organ aficionado Quintron. One look at the cover gives the would-be listener some indication of what they’re in for: Quintron, dressed like a thrift-store game show host, relaxing in bed with a remarkable lady, both wearing plastic fangs, entwined in an enormous snake and enjoying a novelty ice cream drink.

In addition to posing for such swell album photos, Quintron has spent the last number years performing with puppet shows put on by his wife and partner-in-crime Miss Pussycat (whose inimitable lyrical prowess is present on most of the tracks,) and invented a drum machine that runs on spit along with countless other weird musical innovations.

Appropriately, his album contains plenty of sleazy, drum-machine fueled soul numbers including stand-outs “Waterfall” and “Final Conflict.” On tracks like “Reborn,” atmospheric, Esquivel-like lounge bizarreness abounds.

For the casual listener, the sideshow house party quality of the album might be a bit hard to digest. Underneath the ostentatious absurdity, however, Quintron is a phenomenal organ player. Just check out his recent work with raunchy R&B legend Andre Williams on Can You Deal With It? (Bloodshot) or the garage floor gospel goodness he kicked up with Memphis garage geniuses The Oblivians on …Play 9 Songs With Quintron (Crypt) if you need some proof.

Quintron has always marched to the beat of his own drummer (or, drum machine as the case may be) but his eccentricities and preoccupations have always burbled to the surface most prominently on his solo records.

This record most likely won’t turn up many new fans, but the curious might be best directed to Quintron’s live album from 1998, These Hands of Mine (Skingraft) for an introductory glimpse into his psyche, or any one of his collaborative projects. But for the cult of old fans already warm and cuddly with the method behind Quintron’s madness, this will scratch that most specific of itches.

-Pete Klockau

Quintron: www.quintronandmisspussycat.com
Goner Records: www.goner-records.com