Sage Francis Releases Free “Conspiracy to Riot” Download to Combat RNC Arrests

During the early days of this year’s Republican National Convention, hundreds of people were arrested with what the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) dubbed “a crackdown on free speech.” Jared Paul, a journalist and friend of indie rapper Sage Francis, was one of the arrested. In response, Francis has released a free song to solicit donations and help with Paul’s legal fees.

True to form, Francis rips right-wingers and lists a slice of political grievances from the past three decades. The verbal dissent comes before he closes the song with (mock/real?) clips of RNC arrests.

Check out some lyrical selections, listen to the song below, and visit if you’d like to donate via PayPal.

“Snickering at trickle-down economy
We got nickeled and dimed; it’s more like highway robbery
Driving the fast lane; eyes on the gas gage
Listening to neocons cry about black rage


Collapsed credit, journalists get arrested
Watch the Blackwater operatives go domestic
Oh, that’s a problem, but don’t agonize
Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, a whole pack of lies
Summer, spring, and autumn, now bring the wintertime
I don’t protest the snow; I shovel it with picket signs”

Sage Francis: \”Conspiracy to Riot\”

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