What We’re Doing This Weekend: Sunday

Sunday, December 14

Toby Summerfield, Matt Lux, Nick Broste, Jaimie Branch, Katie Wiegman, and John Herndon @ Hungry Brain

This week at the Hungry Brain, an assortment of regular Chicago avant-jazz and rock performers unite in a unique arrangement. Guitarists Toby Summerfield (Algernon) and Matt Lux (bass in Isotope 217) join brass performers Nick Broste (Herculaneum) and Jaimie Branch (Branch/Riordan Duo) as well as vibraphonist Katie Wiegman (Algernon) and drummer John Herndon (Tortoise).

The performers’ groups span straight-ahead jazz, psychedelia, post-rock, free jazz, experimental and electronic music. It will be mighty interesting to see what this group, performing for two sets, has in store for the bar’s patrons. If you’re around and can stay up late on a Sunday, check this out.

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