Zozobra Unleash Bird Of Prey

Following last year’s debut, Harmonic Tremors (Hydrahead Records), Caleb Scofield (Cave In/Old Man Gloom) and his moniker Zozobra have returned with their latest Bird of Prey (Hydrahead Records).

Following in the post-metal footsteps of his other side project, Old Man Gloom, Scofield is joined by Isis drummer Aaron Harris, who lends his hand both behind the mixing board and the sticks.

However, other than Harris’s drum contribution, Bird of Prey is the sole creative work of Scofield, which features him playing every instrument and lending his ferocious growl to the mix.

Bird of Prey is now streaming in its entirety. You can hear “In Jetstreams” currently in our MP3 Player Playlist.

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