Kayo Dot sign to Hydra Head, take worst promo picture ever

Kayo Dot

This picture is horrible. Absolutely horrible.

But the Kayo Dot crew is pretty rad, so we’ll let it pass.

Fresh off of a US tour opening for Trey Spruance’s amazing SECRET CHIEFS 3, KAYO DOT has arrived in Seattle to begin recording their second full length release for Hydra Head Industries.

Throughout the tour, they performed and refined the new compositions, bringing them to new audiences and honing them for the upcoming recording, with Toby Driver also picking up bass duties for SECRET CHIEFS 3 each night. The new music features another sonic shift in the ever-evolving sonic lexicon of KAYO DOT. Expect a more visceral rhythmic sound with overdriven chorus basses, cave-echoed horns, vocals and strings, tuned struck metal, and a purveying melodic darkness threaded delicately throughout the sound of the music. Once again, the record will be recorded by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Six Organs Of Admittance) who also recorded KAYO DOT’S critically acclaimed Hydra Head release from 2008, BLUE LAMBENCY DOWNWARD. Expect the release of the new music on Hydra Head in Fall of 2009, with a September / October European tour and US tour to follow the album release! – Toby Driver / Kayo Dot

Stream Kayo Dot’s 2008 album, “Blue Lambency Downward,” here.

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