Weekly Burlesque: Interview with Immodesty Blaize

You seem to have been born for burlesque–not just your appearance but your style, your carriage, your sensuality. Do you feel that?

Wow, thank you for the compliment! Well, I really had no idea as a little girl that I would be Immodesty when I grew up. Looking back now, I see that the signs were all there, but not in the ways you would expect. I was no stage school kid. I think I just always wanted to be different.

How did you come to hear about Exotic World, and how did it feel to win the title?

I knew of Exotic World for years but didn’t realize the pageant was open for international gals too. I was approached to participate in Miss Exotic World when I performed in Dita Von Teese’s show at the Orpheum in Los Angeles, as Dixie Evans had been watching, celebrating her 80th birthday. I was thrilled; Dixie had been an idol of mine for some time, an inspiration.

Well, I cried when I won the title — how embarrassing. I put it down to jetlag and a smudge of eyelash glue in my eye! Actually, I think I might have been a little overwhelmed. All the girls had been just so welcoming.

It felt fantastic to be given the stamp of approval by the wonderful legends who had inspired me in the first place and who had lived the burlesque life the first time round, particularly since I do embrace the classic style. That finally felt like validation for me.

It had also been such a blast during the weekend too, catching up with my American burly friends; there is always such great camaraderie, and I particularly love that aspect of the American burlesque community.

As I walked out from the venue onto the Strip holding my trophies that night, the fountains at the Bellagio went up right in front of me with that deafening classical music. It was like a camp Vegas homecoming!

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