Weekly Burlesque: Night Train

One of the greatest crowd-pleasing pieces of music in burlesque is “Night Train.” I’ve had people who’ve just attended their first burlesque show come up to me after a show and say, “I’ve always wanted to see someone dance to that song live! Thank you!”

Comments like this are why I encourage students to try stripping to the tunes that originally inspired many of the neo-burlesque performers who began in the 1990s, even though some of those performers may be over and beyond Ultra-Lounge by now. New audiences shouldn’t be deprived of this amazing music.

Even though it’s not burlesque, enjoy the following music history video, a tribute to a few of the versions of this amazing tune.

– Jo Weldon

Jo Weldon is headmistress of the award-winning New York School of Burlesque and is a regular burlesque performer. Visit burlesquedaily.blogspot.com to read her daily blog.

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