What We’re Seeing This Weekend: William Elliot Whitmore, Serengeti, Zing!

Thursday, February 19

Serengeti + Meat Number 5 @ The Whistler (Chicago)

Creative multi-genre rapper Serengeti performs for free at this local bar, owned by the folks at Whistler Records.  Many of his works differ in concept and style, partially a result of his many collaborations, and here he performs with instrumental hip-hop duo Meat Number 5.

To hear some of Serengeti’s recent material, check out his collaborative endeavor called Yoome, and start anticipating a new album with producer Polyphonic, called Terradactyl, that will be released in May.

Friday, February 20

William Elliott Whitmore, FT (the Shadow Government) @ Reggie’s (Chicago)

In support of his just-released album Animals in the Dark, soulful folk crooner and banjo player William Elliot Whitmore returns to Chicago as part of his month-long US tour.  Released this week on Anti-, the album expands his blues-influenced tunes with touches of extra instrumentation.

Eclectic rock experimentalists FT (the Shadow Government) play as main support.

Saturday, February 21

Chicago Soundmap 2009 @ Heaven Gallery (Chicago)

Composers Jim Baker (Exploding Star Orchestra) and Kyle Bruckmann (Pink Mountain, Lozenge) lead the 2009 edition of Chicago Soundmap, an annual festival that asks selected composers to balance composition and improvisation.

The duo’s 10-piece ensemble includes local jazz standouts in the form of saxophonist Keefe Jackson, clarinetist Jason Stein, and bassist Jason Roebke as well as electronic artist Brian Labycz.

Sunday, February 22

Zing! @ The Green Mill (Chicago)

Distorted math rock, whirling free jazz, buzzing electronica — not much is off limits for this adroit quintet.  If you’re in town, catch the group at Chicago’s storied jazz venue for a “pre-Oscars party.”

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